Viron Announces the Solar Carport

Solaire Carport

Viron Premium Parking Canopy

Not enough space on your rooftop to install a solar energy system? Now you can convert your parking lot in to a solar energy plant by installing solar parking canopy system. This visually appealing, well designed and durable structure supports solar panels over an open parking lot and provides shading for parking spaces.

The system:

  • Produces a high energy yield regardless of geographic orientation
  • Is compatible withe all PV panels and solar components
  • Features solid steel decking securing wires and boxes from public
  • Protects cars and people from sun, rain and snow
  • Offers optional charging stations for electric and ybrid vehicles
  • Captures rainwater for irrigation or other gray water uses
  • Reduces you carbon footprint and demonstrates commitment to sustainability
  • Delivers stable electric prices over the short and long term
  • Provides long term positive cash flow

Now you can generate solar electricity while sheltering your employees from the elements. Install the optional night time lighting feature and you'll also be providing them with additional security.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Solar Carport.