Through our extensive experience, Viron can provide to it's clients a detailed working knowledge of applicable activities and tasks to satisfy the permitting, compliance, and remedial and corrective action requirements of UST projects, soil/groundwater investigation and remediation, real property transfers, and NJPDES/SPDES/NPDES programs. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act/Hazardous Solid Waste Act (RCRA/HSWA), Viron can deal with the entire spectrum of hazardous waste management from waste generation and manifesting to to facility permitting, closure and corrective action. Viron also conducts "due diligence" property and real estate evaluations for purchasers, lending institutions and insurers based upon the requirements outlined in the ASTM Standard E1527-00.

Viron's technical resources include the ability to access updated and current regulations pertaining to UST, ISRA, NJPDES/SPDES/NPDES, RCRA, CERCLA/SARA programs and the advanced technologies to perform and complete site investigations and remediation.

Viron's human services includes professionals with the flexibility to develop a team of multi-disciplined scientists compatible with the project needs. As such, Viron has the appropriate combination of scientific and technical expertise, the litigation support and practical experience to deal with the complex issues arising from environmental contamination in a cost effective, innovative and efficient manner.

With these capabilities, Viron successfully serves its clients on diversified projects in the following areas:

  • Consulting Services
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management
  • Innovative Remedial Technologies
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Litigation Support
  • Environmental Audits
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Stormwater Evaluation and Management
  • Water Resources Evaluation and Management
  • Civil/Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Construction Oversight
  • GIS Implementation and Data Management